Build a Family Tree Online by Kelly Liyakasa

If you've ever pondered the question, 'Who am I related to?' you aren't alone. While communicating by way of the Internet and the cell phone have brought many of us together, there are plenty of individuals who can count their family members on one hand.

Genealogy services have special family tree features that allow inquiring minds to piece their rich ancestral roots together. If you want to build a family tree with ease, keep the following in mind:

* Global connection - Even if your entire family lives in New Jersey, sites like One Great Family complete the puzzle by demonstrating where your family delineated from through their Family Tree Connection feature.

* Census Collection - Don't settle for a family tree builder solely containing US Census Records. Ancestry is a genealogy service that incorporates UK records, as well as specialized documents, such as military records.

* Ellis Island - Many of our ancestors passed through this infamous Hudson port and sites like Kindred Konnections allow you to scour records taken during our nation's great migration period.

* Family Tree Platform - Some genealogy services require you to download software before you research and store family tree data, but One Great Family lets you upload your family's information directly into an intuitive database.

Though filling in every gap in your family tree may be impossible, building a virtual replica of your ancestral background isn't the dry task it once was. found genealogy services hosting innovative research tools, scannable records and simple data uploads, allowing anyone with Internet access to piece together their ancestral story.

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